Announcing Sound Symposium XIX Invited Artists

by Annie Corrigan / 2018 Sound Symposium XIX, All News
May 15, 2018

More than 50 artists.

From 6 different countries.

10 days that will change how you hear the world.

We’re thrilled to release the list of invited artists to this year’s Sound Symposium XIX. Coming to St. John’s are performers from as far away as Chile, Norway and the Faroe Islands. They’ll share the bill with beloved locals artists from organizations like the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra and Memorial University.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be posting interviews with many of our artists to help you get to know their music a little better.

UPDATE: We’ve released the complete schedule! You’ll want to keep it handy so you can plan which concerts and workshops to attend between July 5 and 15. (We suggest you just block out all ten days on your schedule right now.)

Sound Symposium XIX Invited Artists*

Clinton Ackerman — composer, sound designer, and music teacher (Saskatchewan)

Sarah Albu, of Rokkur — experimental vocalist, composer, and instrument builder (Quebec)

Susan Alcorn — pedal steel guitarist (United States)

Tom Alteen, of Musubi Drum Circles — drum circle facilitator (Newfoundland)

Duane Andrews — guitarist, composer, and conductor (Newfoundland)

Atlantic String Quartet (Heather Kao and Nancy Case-Oates, violins; Kate Read, viola; Theo Weber, cello) — principal string players from the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra (Newfoundland)

Atomic Clock (Chris Donnelly, Josh Ward, Michelle LaCour, and Tiber Reardon) — improvisation-based experimental jam band (Newfoundland)

Dawn Avery — composer, vocalist, and cellist (United States)

Rick Bailey — electronic and improvisational artist (Newfoundland)

Paul Bendzsa, of Roarshack and >noice< — multi-instrumentalist, teacher, and composer (Newfoundland)

Big Space (Grant King, guitar; Ian Murphy, bass; Ashley Chalmers, drums) — jazz and alternative rock  (Newfoundland)

Snorre Bjerck — jazz musician (Norway)

Black Auks (Mack Furlong, percussion and toys; Wallace Hammond, guitar and toys; Neil V. Rosenberg, banjo and toys; Craig Squires, saxophone and toys with special guest Rick Bailey) — improvisational ensemble (Newfoundland)

Hannah Boone — trumpet player (Newfoundland)

Evan Bowen — percussionist (Newfoundland)

Michael Boyle — poet, scholar, and guide for historical walks (Newfoundland)

Amy Brandon — guitar and electroacoustic music (Nova Scotia)

AE Bridger — songwriter and composer (Newfoundland)

David Buley — composer, choral conductor, and educator (Newfoundland)

Raven Chacon — composer and performer of experimental noise music (United States)

Teresa Connors — acoustic/electroacoustic composer, opera singer, and installation artist (Newfoundland)

Cris Derksen — cellist and composer (Alberta and British Columbia)

Jack Etchegary — percussionist and composer (Newfoundland)

Faceless Forces of Bigness (Justin Stephenson, Kurt Swinghammer, Michael Wojewoda, and John D.S. Adams) — an electronic collective

Reuben Fenemore, of Rokkur — clarinetist and improviser (Germany)

Frode Fjellheim — composer and vocalist (Norway)

James Harley — composer and educator (Ontario)

Delf Maria Hohmann — composer, folk musician, and Harbour Symphony coordinator (Newfoundland)

Bill Horist — guitarist (United States)

Terri Hron — recorders, electronics, video, and movement (Quebec)

Brad Jefford Trio+ — improvisation (Newfoundland)

Jing Xia — guzheng player and educator (China and Newfoundland)

Frank Lapointe, of Roarshack — visual artist, photographer, and graphic designer (Newfoundland)

David Lee — double bassist and scholar (Ontario)

Greg Locke — photographer and journalist (Newfoundland)

Logy Bay Groovers (Doug Leeman, bass; Randy Prince, drums; Scott Stevenson, synth) — improvisation (Newfoundland)

Jana Luksts — pianist of contemporary classical music (Ontario)

Payton MacDonald — composer, percussionist, filmmaker, and ultra-distance mountain biker (United States)

Rozalind MacPhail — composer, flutist, and electronics (Newfoundland)

Chris McGee — composer, pianist, and saxophonist (Newfoundland)

St. John’s New Music Collective (Maggie Burton and Chris McGee) — new music and improvisation (Newfoundland)

Jordan Nobles — composer (British Columbia)

>noice< (Michael Waterman, Michael Venart, Mack Furlong, Jake Faraday, and Paul Bendzsa) — electro-acoustic noise and experimental soundscapes (Newfoundland)

Rob Power, with Roarshack — percussionist, improvisor, composer, and instrument builder (Newfoundland)

Helen Pridmore — contemporary scored music, experimental music, and improvisation (Saskatchewan)

Reinhard Reitzenstein — visual artist and environmentalist (Ontario)

Roarshack (Paul Bendzsa, winds; Rob Power, percussion; Andrew Staniland, guitar) — improvisational trio (Newfoundland)

Doron Sadja — composer, artist, and curator (United States)

Andrew Staniland — composer (Newfoundland)

Subhira Quartet (Subhira Rodrigo Cepeda, composition; Danka Villanueva Bono, violin; Juan Angel Moñoz, cello; Emai Cepeda Gonzalez, drum set) — Latin American and contemporary acoustic music (Chile)

Surgeon (Steve Cowan, electric guitar, aux percussion; Andrew Wicks, electric guitar; Josh Ward, bass; Phil Maloney, drums; Maria Cherwick and Carole Bestvater, violins; Maria Peddle, viola; Romesh Thavanathan, cello) — classical music re-imagined for rock band (Newfoundland)

ToninatoThiessen Duo (Ida Toninato, baritone saxophone; Jennifer Thiessen, viola d’amore) — improvisation and sound art (Quebec)

Hildegard Westerkamp — composer, environmental sound, and acoustic ecology (British Columbia)

Gayle Young — composer, author, and instrument builder (Ontario)

* This list is subject to change.