ONSOUND is Sound Symposium’s four-day electronic music festival, October 17-20, 2019.

You know the recipe. Artists from around the world join local musicians to create art unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. But this time, the ingredients are turntables, laptops, electronics, tech, and tape.

In addition to DJ sets and improv sessions at Peter Easton Pub and The Ship Pub, there will be a staged concert of contemporary-electronic-meets-classical music at MUN School of Music.

Half of the ONSOUND events are completely free. Our artists will be presenting seminars in composition, improv, electronics, and soundart. You’ll also have the chance to learn Ableton Live from the master himself, Robert Lippok.

ONSOUND Invited Artists

Mado Christie 

Ben Diamond 

Joseph Donaghey 

Former Eraser

Krystal Hayden 


It Could Be Franky

Robert Lippok

Chris McGee

Andrew Noseworthy


Bert Power

Gillian Sheppard

Bekah Simms

Debashis Sinha

Sleeping Police

Andrew Staniland


This list is subject to change.