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Sound Symposium XX 2022

Sound Arts Initiatives is delighted to present the 20th edition of Sound Symposium July 15th – 23rd 2022! Sound Symposium is an international celebration of sound which takes place every second year in St. John’s, NL. As a catalyst for creation of new music and the arts, Sound Symposium has inspired generations of Canadian and international artists working in sonic, visual, and other performing arts. The Symposium draws together artists from different backgrounds, locales, and career stages to explore the role of sound in their work, within the beautiful setting of Newfoundland’s unique environment and culture. This year, in honour of its founders and other key figures,* the Symposium will emphasize drumming and percussion, and will feature renowned artists and ensembles including NEXUS, Beverley Johnston, TorQ, and Trichy Sankaran. We are excited to welcome back these and other old friends from former Symposia, as well as many new friends to be who will be joining us for the first time for a program of Harbour Symphonies, concerts, late night jams, soundwalks, instrument making sessions, improv collaborations, workshops, and more. It’s been a long and challenging couple of years since our decision to postpone 2020’s Symposium – it is an understatement to say we’re ready to celebrate! We look forward to welcoming artists and audiences alike for this year’s adventures in sound, music, dance, and everything in between.

*Sound Symposium founders: the members of FUSION – the late Don Wherry, the late Mike Zagorski, the late Paul Bendzsa, and still with us – Martin Rickert and Frank Lapointe, and also key figures John Wyre and Wayne Hynes

Sound Symposium XX

Our biennial symposium features performances, workshops, Harbour Symphonies, and more!

Night Music

All improvisers welcome! Join us the third Thursday of each month at The Ship for a live set followed by an open jam.

Harbour Symphony

Ships go barmp! The Harbour Symphony is original music written for the horns of the ships in the St. John’s harbour.

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