ONSOUND II Presents Its Patchwork Quilt In July 2021

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July 6, 2021

Sound Symposium is pleased to present ONSOUND II: Patchwork Quilt. This second biennial arts and music festival will feature performers from all corners of the Newfoundland and Labrador arts scene, and a special guest from Nova Scotia. Ticket information and opportunities to purchase tickets are COMING SOON. COMPLETE SCHEDULE: Wednesday July 14, 2021 7:00pm – […]

These 6 ONSOUND Events Are Completely Free

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October 14, 2019

Half of all the events during ONSOUND are free, from workshops and group improv sessions, to the crown jewel of our little electronic music festival — Plug-In City, with Robert Lippok.

It Could Be Franky

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October 2, 2019

It Could Be Franky, a minimalist synthpop project with arpeggiators and quirky vocals, is the brain child of Danielle Hamel. After playing in indie rock bands for over a decade, Danielle released her first solo record in March 2016. As a follow-up in March 2019, she released an album of indie favourites from the 80’s […]

Joseph Donaghey

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Joseph Donaghey holds an advanced diploma in performance from Cambrian College and a Bachelor’s degree in performance and composition from Memorial University. Joe draws influence and inspiration from the unique sounds of electronic music, the “music for guitarists” attitude of heavy metal, and the beautiful sound and wide abilities of the classical guitar. His hope […]

Former Eraser

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Former Eraser is an electronic duo of two known Sound Symposium stalwarts, Craig Squires and Rick Bailey. Their proclivity for improvisation and sonic surprises will find them sculpting with found sounds and ambient textures to generate a more immersive experience.


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Header is St. John’s native Scott Stevenson. As a musician he wavers between the world of laptop-produced digital sterility and gritty analog live performance. By day, Scott is a software developer and entrepreneur. He worked with a team to build the Mune digital instrument and currently runs a legal software company.


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Over|Out (Tiber Reardon and Justin Pittman) is an improvisation-based electronic duo, combining electronic beats and synthesizers to generate atmospheric soundscapes and experimental polyrhythms. Every performance is unique as music is generated on the fly.

Ben Diamond

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Ben Diamond is an emerging new music performer and composer. He is studying classical guitar performance at Memorial University, with a minor in composition. Ben recently performed in several locations across Canada in the summer of 2019 such as in Saskatoon SK where he won Second Place in the FCMF National Music Festival Guitar Competition, […]

Gillian Sheppard

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Gillian Sheppard has a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Piccolo Performance from the University of Toronto, where she specialized in extended techniques and contemporary repertoire. She regularly performs as as soloist and chamber musician, as well as an orchestral musician in ensembles such as the Watershed Ensemble, Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, Atlantic Light Theatre Orchestra, Opera […]

Gabriel Piller

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Gabriel Piller had been recording and releasing noise and experimental music under various guises (Sleeping Police, Blanket Fort, The American W, M. Manifeste, “Wimbledon F.C.”) since 1999. He has also published CDs, records, cassette tapes, and books through his Knife in the Toaster label. He’s happy to be here