SOUND SYMPOSIUM XX – July 15-23, 2022

Come together to share ideas, explore sound, and exchange inspiration
St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada: For nine days and nights, Sound Symposium 2022 will bring together artists and audiences, transforming the streets of St. John’s into a living breathing tableaux of music and sound. You may stumble upon a concert in a cathedral, on a beach, in someone’s kitchen, on the water, or roving through the streets, hills, parks, and swimming pools. This year’s 20th anniversary symposium offers classical music, jazz, improv, dance, installations, evening concerts, daytime workshop, open rehearsals, late night adventures, soundwalks, and spur-of-the-moment sonic explorations. In honour of its founders and other key figures,* this year’s program features a plethora of renowned percussion artists, including NEXUS, TorQ, Beverley Johnston, and Trichy Sankaran, in addition to amazing artists working in other styles and practices. This year will see performances and workshops by Gordon Monahan, Bill Coleman, Bageshree Vaze, Eastern Owl, Arkora, Ouroboros, Sarah Albu, Leanne Zacharias, Erin Donovan, Amy Brandon, Kilautiup Songuninga,  Kate Read, los beatniko, Gayle Young and more. Add to this list world premieres, dance workshops, soundwalks, Harbour Symphonies… the music of the sea, wind, whales, and birds…and you start to get an idea of the manifold offerings in store this July.

*Sound Symposium founders: the members of FUSION – the late Don Wherry, the late Mike Zagorski, the late Paul Bendzsa, and still with us – Martin Rickert and Frank Lapointe, and also key figures John Wyre and Wayne Hynes


Calling All Improvisers!

Night Music is an improvisational music series held the third Thursday of very month at The Ship Pub. Local musicians play a set of their own music, which serves as the basis for the improvisation that follows. Musicians collaborate with organizer Craig Squires to present the evening of music, both planned and impromptu. This is not an open mic, but all players are invited to come down and join the fun.

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Sponsored by the Sound Art Initiative, Inc., and presented by the Downtown Academy of Improvisers.

The Harbour Symphony is original music written for the horns of the ships in the St. John’s harbour. This signature fanfare of the Sound Symposium transforms the ships in the harbour into an orchestra on water. Each Harbour Symphony begins with a radio countdown transmitted to the bridge of the ships by the Coast Guard where players stand at the helms of tugboats, trawlers, and ocean-going freighters. At the signal, a giant, floating horn section reverberates off the Southside Hills and through the streets of old St. John’s, echoing the soul of this 500 year old seaport.


Sound Arts’ biennial four-or-five-day festival, taking place in the odd-numbered years, while the biennial Sound Symposium occupies the even-numbered years. Sound Symposium brings an eclectic mix of hundreds of sound explorers and enthusiasts from around the world, while our new ONSOUND festival celebrates a dedicated area of new and experimental music every other year with workshops, soundwalks, concerts, and more.


Every year we make a noise together that stretches around the world.

Drone Day

Drone Day is an annual celebration of drone, community, and experimental sounds. Dreamed up by MCLF of Weird Canada and vibrated into existence by communities and droners around the world, Drone Day is celebrated across the country. Our version of events is presented with our friends at Lawnya Vawnya.

Presented biennially in collaboration with the MUN Botanical Garden, Echo Village is a living tableau of singers and instrumentalists who transform a stroll around the gardens, forest, and Oxen Point into a sonic journey.

Echo Village II: Songs of Metamorphosis
Saturday, September 25th, 2021

Echo Village I
Sunday, September 20th, 2020


Sound Symposium thanks
our funders & partners


Sound Symposium is powered by volunteers. Whether you’re looking to meet new people or spend time immersed in experimental music, your donated time is the secret sauce that makes Sound Symposium so special. We’ll thank you with some perks, too.

We need volunteers to work at the merchandise table, and to pull front-of-house shifts at concerts taking place at our various venues, including MUN, The Rooms, and Cape Spear. We need friendly faces to meet and greet attendees at workshops. If you’re good with computers, sound systems and machines of all sorts, we also need volunteers to assist the technical team.

Our team will help you find the volunteer position that’s right for your skills and your schedule.