Sound Symposium has been opening ears and experimenting with sound since 1983.

Every two years, artists from around the world converge on St. John’s, Newfoundland, an eclectic Canadian city on an island in the North Atlantic.

The 10-day symposium is brimming with sound activities, both planned and impromptu, all open to the public. There are daytime workshops, evening concerts, outdoor experiences, late night jam sessions, and daily Harbour Symphonies.

Sound Symposium co-founder Don Wherry

You’ll hear electronic music and jazz, traditional folk music and improv. You’ll hear world premieres. There are dance performances, gallery exhibits and film screenings. Performances take place in concert halls, on street corners, in basements, in forests, on hillsides, in the harbour and near the ocean.

It’s an event unlike any other because St. John’s is a place unlike any other. Every performance is imbued with the unique culture and breath-taking natural beauty of Newfoundland.

Sound Symposium is a production of Sound Arts Initiative, Inc., which also produces the new music series Sound Symposium Presents and Night Music, a monthly improvisational music series at The Ship Pub.

And, keep your ears tuned to the harbour throughout the year to catch special performances of Harbour Symphonies. Sound Arts Initiative, Inc. produces these on-demand performances for visiting ships and on special occasions.