These 6 ONSOUND Events Are Completely Free

by Annie Corrigan / All News, ONSOUND, Sound Symposium Presents
October 14, 2019

Half of all the events during ONSOUND are free, from workshops and group improv sessions, to the crown jewel of our little electronic music festival — Plug-In City, with Robert Lippok.

Check it out:

1. Composing With Electronics

Free seminar with composers Bekah Simms and Andrew Noseworthy

2. Sounds for Electric Guitar

Workshop for composers, guitarists, and gear heads with composer Andrew Noseworthy.

3. Live Improvisation

Andrew Noseworthy will lead participants in a group improvisation

4. Ableton Live Workshop

Robert Lippok leads a session on how to get the most out of Ableton Live

5. Sound Design for Theatre

Workshop with Debashis Sinha exploring the possibilities of storytelling with sound

6. Plug-In City, with Robert Lippok

Plug-In City is an interactive workshop with Robert Lippok. Participants will create sounds and combine them into a score. All musical levels welcome.